Are you a super talented artist, or hooked on watching You Tube tutorials? Or have you seen one of our Special Effects Makeup Teachers, on an episode of "Face Off" and you know you will rock at Creature Design?

At Cosmix Makeup School, you will experience an extraordinary evolution. You will develop the professional qualities of a successful makeup artist along with the technical makeup training to work in any area of the Beauty, Fashion, Television, Film, Theatrical, and Entertainment industries.

We are NOT a Cosmetology or Beauty School!

There are thousands of beauty schools and only a few specialized makeup schools in the country. We are the only licensed and accredited Makeup School in South Florida. For over 20 years we have trained thousands of students from all over the world. We are accredited by the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools & Colleges). Sephora and Ulta, two major retailers are now only hiring Makeup Artists who are licensed. Our most popular program, Master Makeup Artistry Pro includes the skin care training and requirements for licensure.


Makeup Classes taught by Award-Winning Makeup Artists

Our most valuable asset is our faculty. You will learn from award winning makeup artists- celebrities in their own right- stars on the reality TV shows- "Face Off" and "Skin Wars", or makeup or special effects artists on the current blockbuster movies and television series.

Blue Whale Studios

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry has partnered with Blue Whale Studios. They are a full service creative studio focused in Special Effects Makeup based in Atlanta, Georgia..This alliance was formed out of our commitment to educational excellence and to escalate our student's technical skills focusing on the most current industry practices including Silicone Prosthetics & On-Set Application for Film.

For over twenty years, Blue Whale’s makeup artists and technicians have provided services to the film, television, and entertainment industries. They have a team of on-set I.A.T.S.E. film union makeup artists and a lab crew who design and create prosthetics, specialty costumes, puppets, and other props for industry. Their clients include Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, Universal, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Fox, Xbox, and Microsoft. Watch Blue Whale Studios Video>