If you are asking, How do I become a makeup artist?Come visit our school, meet with an advisor, and tour the school! Would you like to sit in a morning lecture or demonstration on a topic that interests you? Pin-up vintage makeup, zombies, injury simulation, airbrushing? You will see why students come from afar to study with us!

To apply you will fill out an application and submit a $100 registration fee. This will reserve your spot. Class size is limited, so it is recommended that you complete the enrollment process several months before the start of class.


Beauty - Fashion - Film - Television -Theater- Special FX 900 hours
Tuition $16,200 ($15,200 with Scholarship) Material Fees $2600

This is our longest, most comprehensive program for students who want to be well-rounded, train in every media, and work both as a makeup artist and special effects lab technician.

January 8 - July 10
March 12 - September 18
June 11 - December 21
August 20 - March 8, 2019


Beauty - Fashion - Film - TV - Theater 600 hours
Tuition $12,100 ($11,100 with Scholarship) Material Fees $2200

This program is for students who wish to be versatile and skilled in all areas of artistry to work in the cosmetic, fashion, bridal, salon/spa, film, TV, theatrical and entertainment industries. It has every component of the Master Program except for Prosthetic Makeup.

January 8 - May 4
March 12 - July 10
June 11 - October 19
August 20 - December 21


Beauty - Fashion 300 hours
Tuition $6200 ($5200 with Scholarship) Material Fees $1400

This program teaches the specialized skills needed to work in the fashion industry with models, photographers, and designers and do print advertising, catalogs, editorial, and runway shows.

January 8 - March 7
January 23 - July 5 (TTh Eve)
March 12 - May 9
June 11 - August 14
August 20 - October 19

SPECIAL MAKEUP FX COURSES: Prosthetics & Creature Design
300 hours
Tuition $5920 Material Fees $1000

This class teaches students the design and creation of realistic prosthetic & dental appliances for anyone wanting to do special makeup effects.

January 8 - March 7
May 9 - July 10

Skin Care 300 hours
Tuition $2950 ($1950 with Alumni Scholarship) Material Fees $550

This program covers the knowledge and procedures needed to run a successful skin care business. It also satisfies the licensing requirements for freelance makeup artists practicing in Florida.

March 12 - July 3
9am - 3:30pm MWF

If you have a time or a budgetary restraint, Cosmix offers students the option to take individual courses instead of a complete program. If you work in a related field and you want to focus on a particular area of expertise, you may choose to expand your knowledge one course at a time. Some classes have pre-requisites.

If you are already in a related career like skin care or hair styling and you want to add makeup services, we recommend the BEAUTY MAKEUP MODULE.

This segment is 195 clock hours and consists of 4 courses:

  • Fundamental Makeup Technique
  • Airbrushing Makeup
  • Wedding & Event Makeup
  • Retail & Marketing
  • Tuition $3900 Material Fees $1400