Do I Need a License?

(continued from the home page) You do not need a license to provide makeup or special effects services in a theme park or entertainment complex to an actor, stunt person, musician, extra, or other talent, or provide makeup or special effects services to the general public (like Halloween makeup).

Some states have laws that require a license if you are charging for beauty makeup services to the general public. In those states if you do not have a cosmetology or skin care license, compensation must go towards a purchase ($50 for a makeup application applicable towards a purchase or for brides- a bridal touch up kit). Many freelance artists make more money from product sales than services. Private label companies like Your Name Cosmetics or Grafton Cosmetics have a 400-600% markup. Having your own line makes sense when you buy a lipstick for $3 that you retail for $15. Giving a Bride a touchup kit is also a very common practice (waterproof mascara, a powder, lipstick, gloss).

For those who wish to obtain a skin care license, contact the Department of Professional Regulations in your state. Florida requires 260 hours of instruction. Cosmix's skin care program is 300 hours.