How to Become a Makeup Artist

How to Become a Makeup Artist

We will tell you how to become a makeup artist. Call or come visit our school, talk with an advisor, choose your program of study, and learn about your payment options. Would you like to sit in a morning lecture or demonstration on a topic that interests you? Pin-up vintage makeup, zombies, injury simulation, airbrushing? You will see why students come from afar to study with us!

At our School Makeup is the Focus

Have you been looking at beauty schools, and the advisors are trying to interest you in hair? Cosmetology is a great field, but you want to be a makeup artist! At Cosmix school makeup comes first.

At Cosmix you can be an Artist of Makeup

Have you always had an artistic flair, but you did not know how to turn your talent into a lucrative career? You do not want to be a "Starving Artist"! At Cosmix you can be an artist of makeup. From clean delicate natural makeup to edgy "avant-garde" theatrical styles.

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