Makeup Courses

For a more complete schedule of makeup courses, speak with an Admissions Representative. To apply - fill out an application and submit a $100 registration fee. This will reserve your spot. Class size is limited, so it is recommended that you complete the enrollment process several months before the start of class.


Beauty - Fashion - Film - Television -Theater- Special FX 900 hours
Tuition $18,800 Material Fees $2700

This is our longest, most comprehensive program for students who want to be well-rounded, train in every media, and work both as a makeup artist and special effects lab technician.

August 12 - March 13, 2020
August 19 - October 5, 2020 MTWTh eve
October 21 - May 22, 2020


Beauty - Fashion - Film - TV - Theater 600 hours
Tuition $13,400 Material Fees $1800

This program is for students who wish to be versatile and skilled in all areas of artistry to work in the cosmetic, fashion, bridal, salon/spa, film, TV, theatrical and entertainment industries. It has every component of the Master Program except for Prosthetic Makeup.

August 19 - May 21, 2020 MTWTh eve
October 21 - March 13, 2020


Beauty - Fashion 300 hours
Tuition $6600 Material Fees $1400

This program teaches the specialized skills needed to work in the fashion industry with models, photographers, and designers and do print advertising, catalogs, editorial, and runway shows.

August 12 - October 11
August 19 - January 14, 2020 MTWTh eve
October 21 - December 20

SPECIAL MAKEUP FX COURSES: Prosthetics & Creature Design
300 hours
Tuition $5920 Material Fees $1000

This class teaches students the design and creation of realistic prosthetic & dental appliances for anyone wanting to do special makeup effects. After students master sculpting, molding, and application techniques, they go on to creating their own creature. Material Fees pay for a set of sculpting tools and classroom materials.

August 12 - October 11
October 21 - December 20

Skin Care 300 hours
Tuition $3950 Material Fees $450

This program covers the knowledge and procedures needed to run a successful skin care business. It also satisfies the licensing requirements for freelance makeup artists practicing in Florida. Material Fees cover a student lab coat, Milady Esthetic text book and workbook, and use of all professional skin care products during class. Upon graduation students receive a transcript that they will need when they apply for their Florida license. A $75 license application fee is not included in tuition, students are responsible for this.

On-going classes - call for upcoming starts

5pm - 9pm MTWTh

Welcome to Our Makeup School in Florida

We are the only licensed and accredited specialized makeup school in Florida. There are thousands of beauty schools in the country, but their focus is on hair. If you know you want to become a makeup artist, what better place to study than at a makeup school in Florida.

Makeup Artist Training by Award Winning Artists

Your makeup artist training will be under a team of Professional Makeup Artists who have years of experience in the entertainment, fashion, and beauty industries. Our instructors will inspire you as they share their real-world experiences working on feature films, television series, runway shows, music videos, and other events.

If you have a time or a budgetary restraint, Cosmix offers students the option to take individual courses instead of a complete program. If you work in a related field and you want to focus on a particular area of expertise, you may choose to expand your knowledge one course at a time. Some classes have pre-requisites.

If you are already in a related career like skin care or hair styling and you want to add makeup services, we recommend the BEAUTY MAKEUP MODULE. Because day classes fill up quickly, there is more availability in the evening schedule. Evening classes are TWTh 6pm- 10pm. The Beauty Makeup Module is 175 clock hours and consists of 3 courses:

Fundamental Makeup Technique- 105 hours
Day Classes- Aug 5 - 30, Oct 21 - Nov 8
Evening Classes- Aug 20 - Feb 26, 2020
Tuition $2240 Material Fees $750
Airbrushing Makeup- 28 hours
Day Classes - Apr 15 - 18, June 24 - 27, Sep 3 - 6, Nov 11 - 14
Evening Classes - Oct 17 - 30
Tuition $675 Material Fees $450
Wedding & Event Makeup- 42 hours
Day Classes - Apr 22 - 29, June 28 - July 9
Evening Classes - Nov 5 - Dec 4
Tuition $980 Material Fees $100
All 3 Courses - Beauty Makeup Module
Day Classes - June 3 - Jul 9, Aug 5 - Sep 16, Oct 21 - Nov 22 Evening Classes TWTh- Aug 20 - Dec 4
Tuition $3600 Material Fees $1300- TOTAL $4900