Character Makeup & Special FX

Makeup artists who wish to specialize in Special FX Makeup and work both in a lab and on-set as an artist, need a foundation of character makeup. If a student has previous training in beauty and fashion makeup artistry, they may elect to enroll in the individual courses, "Character Makeup", "Special FX Prosthetics Makeup" and "Creature Design".

Character Makeup

Tuition- $3850 Materials- $500

In film and television, a makeup artist’s job is to help create characters real and fantasy from all time periods. The "Character Makeup" course includes the necessary skills to transform actors into whatever the script requires. Students learn how to break down a script, plan the makeup prior to the shooting of scenes, and ensure accurate continuity. Many elements of character effects makeup include injury simulation, facial hair application, bald caps and old-age makeup.

Special Makeup FX

  • Special FX Prosthetics Makeup
  • Creature Design
  • Tuition- $6900 Materials- $1000

    This curriculum prepares students to work as Special Effects Makeup Artists/Technicians at special makeup effects labs for design, construction, and application of prosthetic appliances for such modalities as film, television, theater, toy and game design, haunted houses and the like. Students focus on the design and creation of realistic prosthetic & dental appliances. This program takes students through every step of the formulation and manufacturing of prosthetic appliances.

    After honing their skills, students begin work on an advanced multi-piece creature design using many special effect techniques. The program culminates with a photo shoot of their final creature design. Cosmix is one of the only special effects makeup schools that provides such a comprehensive program in this specific area.