Production Makeup Artistry

Beauty, Fashion, Theater or Cinema Makeup School

With training in all the medias, graduates of the Production program never have to turn down a job. If you want to work in film & TV, you must be versatile and skilled in all areas of artistry. A cinema makeup school needs to teach all styles of makeup techniques. Graduates of the Production program will be prepared for entry-level employment as makeup artists in the cosmetic, fashion, bridal, salon/spa, film, TV, theatrical and entertainment industries.

Course Descriptions

Fundamental Makeup Technique
MAS-01 105 hours This class builds a strong foundation in the essential techniques of beauty makeup artistry. Short lectures, video presentations, and live demonstrations are followed by guided practice emphasizing the individual elements of makeup application.

Airbrushing Makeup
MAS-02 28 hours

Airbrushing makeup is the preferred technique for digital photography and high definition television. Airbrushing provides a camera-ready velvety texture in a quarter of the time it takes to do traditional makeup application.

Wedding & Event Makeup
MAS-03 42 hours

‘Camera ready’ makeup for bridal and special events is covered thoroughly. Airbrushing Makeup is a pre-requisite as both brides and photographers request it. Students learn current trends and classic looks for any occasion from a big-city black tie extravaganza to a simple oceanfront wedding ceremony.

Retail & Marketing
MAS-04 20 hours

Client relations, retail cosmetic sales and marketing, job opportunities, hiring expectations, employee responsibilities and interview skills are all covered.

Hairstyling for Makeup Artists
MAS-06 14 hours

Makeup artists must be able to style hair for commercial, editorial, and fashion work. Fundamentals of hairstyling, from basic blow-drying to intricate up-dos prepare students for production work.

Makeup for Fashion
MAS-05 91 hours

Students learn to work with designers, models, creative directors and photographers. Print advertising, catalog layouts, fashion editorial work, black & white and color photography, and runway shows are included. Students’ work is captured in several photo shoots.

Makeup for Film & TV
MAS-07 84 hours hours

Students learn the skills necessary to work in television and film, including music videos, commercials, daytime television, sitcoms, reality shows, TV series, news broadcasts, and films. Breaking down a script, industry terminology & protocols, and pre-production responsibilities are all included.

Theatrical Makeup
MAS-09 49 hours

Students learn the principles of theatrical makeup to work on musicals, operas, ballets and live concerts. This course also includes body painting and drag makeup.

Character Makeup
MAS-08 167 hours

This training covers the necessary skills to transform actors into whatever the script requires. Topics include: Character Design & Execution, Injury Simulation: Scratches, Lacerations & Scars, Bullet Entrance & Exit Wounds, Bruises & 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree Burns, Zombies and Dead Simulation, Ice FX, Character Aging with Highlight & Shadow, Stretch & Stipple Aging, Bald Cap Application & Coloring, Facial Hair Application, Tattoo Application, Prosthetic Application

Fashion Makeup or Film Makeup?

Even though your ultimate goal may be to work in film & television, you must also master fashion makeup. Think of your favorite movies. A movie is a story. As a makeup artist you will be expected to do any style of makeup. In the Production Makeup Artistry program you will master all genres of makeup.