Career Development

Career Development for Students

Even after you have completed your makeup artist classes at Cosmix, there is always something new to learn. Graduates are encouraged to attend on-going Career Workshops. Industry leaders and celebrity makeup artists present continuing education focusing on a variety of topics. Cosmix is a makeup school that provides students with the in-depth technical makeup training they need to work in a wide range of different makeup artist careers. Marketing is integrated into the curriculum so that at graduation, students are armed with the essential marketing tools they will need to meet with employers. They create business cards, a resume, work on their web page, and begin creating a winning portfolio. Students also plan their marketing strategy, develop interview skills and are counseled concerning their individual professional makeup artist career pursuit. Our Graduates continuously communicate with the school for further assistance. Many students participate in community charity events to gain experience, network with potential employees, and add to their resume.Getting a professional makeup job in production (Fashion, Film & TV) is a progression- a gradual advancement. In the beginning, many artists work for a small kit fee, assist an established production makeup artist, or work in exchange for photos to build their portfolio (an essential tool for interviewing). Others are resolute and contact photographers, agencies, film schools, production companies, TV stations, special events coordinators and land jobs that launch their makeup artist careers quickly. Many graduates begin their careers in the retail cosmetic or salon & spa industry where jobs are prevalent. This allows them to practice their artistry skills and develop client relationships. No matter how quickly or slowly our graduates’ careers move initially, the training we provide as one of the country’s makeup artistry and special effects makeup schools ensures a great foundation. We carry over 40 different makeup and supply manufacturers in our student store. Our student kit contains MAKE UP FOR EVER, Kryloan, Cinema Secrets, and other great products.

Your Career After Makeup Artist Classes

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We are proud to be on MAC Cosmetics' preferred school list and many graduates begin their career working in a retail environment. Our graduates are eligible for many professional discounts from companies including MAKE UP FOR EVER, MAC, and BOBBI BROWN. Cosmix makeup artistry school offers career assistance to all program graduates in good standing, but does not guarantee placement.