To Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry,
"I would like to thank you for your assistance in attaining makeup artists for my film. From aging an actress 20 years using latex, to turning a sweet girl goth, the looks were exactly what I was hoping to achieve. After seeing the footage, all the actors had a very natural look without the all too often glare of the Arri lights. This thanks to the graduate artists you'd recommended. Their level of professionalism and skill personified exactly what any shoot needs. A "do what needs to get done" attitude. It was a pleasure and delight to have worked with them.

Thanks again,
Robert Mims
Independent Film Maker

April 24, 2012
Thank you again for finding Diana & Danielle. Their amazing efforts were a significant part in making our actresses & actors look better than well-known Hollywood superstars!

I was at our film school yesterday reviewing some of the footage we captured during the earlier shoot dates. We used high definition cameras and you can see the unbelievable detail of Diana/Danielle's work. Wow! Simply breath-taking & stunning!! I cannot wait to show you the finished project :)

Well...hopefully you are able to track down a hair/MUA that can help us with the final scenes. Hopefully they are available on a Saturday evening for a few hours :)

Thanks a million Christine!! Let us know....

Kevin Douglas Wright

Independent Film Maker
June 13, 2012
Regarding Fabiola Munoz (Production Graduate Class of 1/2012) "Black Earth" was a short film released in 2011, top-rated horror films (#12) on IMDB & winner of 4 awards

"To take on a project such as the continuation of the "Black Earth" story could be intimidating to a makeup artist. However Fabiola attacked the role with enthusiasm and professionalism that I was extremely happy to encounter. Making the decision of giving her the title of head makeup artist...I will never regret. Her timing, skill, and creations were more than I expected....from this day forth on any project, she will be my first choice as a makeup artist!"

James T. Warbington
Family Curse Films, LLC. - Madison, Wisconsin

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