Online Makeup Artistry Classes

On-Line/On-Campus Classes

This is a perfect time to study & prepare for an exciting career as a Makeup Artist! During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have gone to a hybrid-blended curriculum- live virtual classes combined with in-school sessions. This allows students to begin training from the safety of their home, and finish their program on campus later.

Our virtual classroom is broadcasted over Zoom. This allows our students to attend a live class and interact with their instructor and fellow students. The instructor can easily lecture and do demonstrations, break students into smaller discussion groups, communicate privately with individuals, and easily show a video or PowerPoint.

The instructor can see all of the students while he or she lectures, or choose for one student to be on the main screen to ask a question or show their work. For example, after you have done an injury simulation on your arm, the teacher can choose to critique your work and help you as she views your work privately or with the class. There is also a chat feature so that during a lecture, if you do not want to interrupt, you can write a comment or question, to be answered at the end of the demo or whenever the instructor chooses.

There is little difference between evaluating student performance in-house or online. When students are in-house, instructors evaluate students’ work on camera. We do this because most makeup artistry jobs are in film, television, print work, or freelance like wedding & special events. All students need to observe and evaluate their work on camera.

Our online delivery is following our traditional campus delivery. Short lectures, PowerPoint slides, video presentations, and live demonstrations make up a large portion of our curriculum. This is followed by hands-on guidance. Students apply makeup on themselves (or a friend or family member) and all work is critiqued on camera.

Advantages of Online Classes

  • Better Foundation-Training as a makeup artist is three-part: learning makeup application, acquiring industry knowledge, and developing professional dispositions. Beginning classes on-line allows you to focus on building a stronger foundation in the knowledge necessary to be successful. Many students excel online with less classroom distractions and better access to learning materials. Online students have access to a rich library of reference materials, images, videos, movie clips, and animated demonstrations that can be viewed anytime from anywhere.
  • Career Advancement- When a student cannot attend on-campus classes due to illness, severe weather conditions, or now - the coronavirus pandemic, it delays educational progress. Now, you can get started with the subjects easily taught online. Utilizing the internet now for improving your skills is the ultimate way to climb up the success ladder, as the best investment that you can make is investing in yourself. You can use this time to advance your career training. No Pandemic will hinder your progress!
  • Financial Benefits- Students with limited financial resources save a substantial amount of money doing a blended online/on-campus program. There is less cost for housing, meals, travel, and commuting expenses. You may also prefer the shorter 4-hour live class schedule to allow more time to work if you choose.
  • Convenience- Students who have other jobs or responsibilities can begin their training with the easier 4-hour online schedule. Studying online gives you more flexibility. There are additional pre-recorded demonstrations that can be watched at any time that works for you. And you will save time each day commuting to and from school.
  • Comfort & Safety- You can easily access the online portion of your training from the comfort and safety of your home. The only requirement is an internet connection. And you won’t have to worry about laundry, there is a relaxed dress-code for our on-line classes. Leggings and barefoot are acceptable!
  • Guarantee- You have nothing to lose, by starting online. We have a policy that states: “Any student who has completed a course, and feels a need to review part or all of the class, may audit the class at no additional tuition expense." Any student who wants to brush-up on a subject can audit a class or attend our Wednesday evening "After Hours Clinics" at no additional charge.

    Call and speak to an Admissions advisor for additional information on classes available online.