Special Effects Makeup

Special Effects Makeup Schools

There are only a few special effects makeup schools in the country. Makeup Artists who are successful in this field must develop highly specialized skills. We teach students the design and creation of realistic prosthetic & dental appliances. It is recommended that students who want to work in the film industry enroll in the Master Makeup Artistry Program to acquire the necessary skills to work across the entire spectrum of makeup artistry. You will be much more valuable if you are well-rounded. Students who are under a time or budgetary restraint and are not able to attend the Master program would benefit from taking the 5 week Character Makeup course in addition to Special FX Makeup.

Special Effects Makeup Artist Derek shows SFX techniques at Special Effects Makeup Schools in Florida

Special FX Guest Artist & Season 3 "Face Off" finalist and Season 1 "Game Face" finalist, Derek Garcia demonstrates painting techniques in Cosmix's Special FX Lab. Students learn and are inspired to design their own creature design!

Special FX Makeup: Prosthetics Makeup

210 clock hours

Special FX Makeup equips students with makeup & lab techniques to create special effects for film, television, and theater. On Day 1, students apply a prosthetic. This introduces students to foam latex prosthetics and emphasizes the importance of proper textures, edges, and the look of a finished application. This helps them as they begin designing and sculpting.

Students learn about silicone, gelatin, in addition to foam latex materials. They design, create, and apply different types of prosthetic and dental appliances. The entire process includes conceptualization, life casting, sculpting, molding, airbrushing techniques, and application techniques.

Blood delivery methods are also included. Their final project for Special FX Makeup is captured in a photo shoot.

Creature Design

Pre-requisite Special FX Prosthetics

90 clock hours- pre-requisite FX-2

Students learn how to design, construct and mold an advanced three-dimensional sculpted character. This course is ideal for artists interested in working in a special makeup effects lab building projects for film, television and theatrical productions, haunted houses, toy or video game productions and theme parks. Our FX Makeup students produce a completed creature from conceptual design to final application. Their final project is captured in a photo shoot.

Special Effects Makeup: Artistry & Imagination

Have you watched "Face Off" or "Game Face" and you know Special Effects Makeup could be your passion? This is where we see the most imaginative creative work at Cosmix. Walk into our Special Effects Makeup classroom and you will be in awe of our students' creativity. From super heros to aliens- It's amazing!

Student Jessica de Freitas works on her sculpture & these 3 creatures are the first creature designs by Cosmix students' Stefanie Kurtz, Ryann Amis, and Breanna York (from left to right)