The teachers and staff at Cosmix care deeply about the success and well-being of every single one of our students. Whether students are taking their make up courses or calling someone with questions, all of our staff are friendly, supportive, and encouraging.

We know that it can be an overwhelming experience to move away from one’s family or move to a new state. In addition to balancing the workload from the makeup classes, it can take time to adjust to a new city and a new living situation. Staff & Faculty assists students with this transition.

Cosmix is not like other make up schools. Our staff helps with student's special needs (providing information about housing, transportation, child care, etc.) or arranging tutoring or testing. We also assist students in finding suitable housing, and recommend other services. Not all makeup artist schools provide an advanced level of education combined with an excellent department to aid students throughout their experience.

We have developed many policies and procedures that help us to maintain order and adhere to the highest standards.