Attendance & Graduation Requirements


Cosmix students are expected to have the professional dispositions necessary to be successful in the industry. This includes arriving early and being prepared for class. Academic progress is measured by clock hours, so a student's physical attendance in class is necessary for it to count towards the cumulative attendance. Tardiness and absences will not be excused. In the case of illness; a student must attend unscheduled hours to cover lesson material, practice applications, and be evaluated as deemed necessary by the Instructor.

A student whose attendance falls below 95% at the program midpoint will receive a Satisfactory Academic Progress Warning. A student who is still below the Satisfactory Progress standards at the end of the next evaluation period is subject to termination and overtime charges.

A tardy is being late for the start of class or returning from lunch late, or leaving class early. After 3 tardies, students receive a “Satisfactory Academic Progress Warning”. Students who are tardy more than five times are subject to withdrawal.

Making up Missed Hours & Work
Evaluations & Tests
In the case of illness- written tests or quizzes must be made up on the day of return to school. There is a 10% point deduction for taking a test or quiz late. Makeup evaluations must be arranged with the instructor and made up within the week.

Hours & Makeup Practice Sessions
In the case of illness, students must attend unscheduled hours to make up time.

Leave of Absence
A student who must take a Leave of Absence (LOA) may do so provided he/she has first received approval by the School Administration. Students who are granted a Leave of Absence must state their estimated date of return within 120 days to complete the enrolled program. Students may take more than one LOA providing the maximum amount of time may not exceed 120 days per program. Any student who does not return following the Leave of Absence period will be refunded in accordance to our refund and cancellation policy and withdrawn from the program.

Re-entry Students
Terminated or withdrawn students may apply for re-entry. Such students will be evaluated for placement and a determination of their satisfactory academic progress.

Overtime Charges for Extended Hours
Evaluation periods are divided into our program modules-Beauty, Fashion, Character, Film, TV & Theater, and Special FX. Any student whose attendance falls below 95% during any module will receive a Satisfactory Academic Progress Warning. And if below 95% at the end of the next module is subject to overtime charges of $10 per hour. Students will be advised of the cost and are required to pay the additional charges within 30 days. The Director determines whether a student with low attendance must repeat a course before progressing in a program. If allowed to continue, the student must correct the deficiency by the next consecutive evaluation point.

Graduation Requirements
Students must have shown satisfactory competencies in every area of curriculum in order to receive a diploma. All homework, written tests & assessments, quizzes, and evaluations must be completed. Upon completion with a 95% minimum attendance and an academic score of 75% or higher, and satisfaction of all financial obligations a DIPLOMA will be awarded.

Maximum Time
The maximum time to complete course requirements is 150% or 1.5 the normal duration of clock hours offered. If terminated, a student is eligible for a tuition refund in accordance with our cancellation & refund policy.

Veterans Attendance Policy
Students receiving VA benefits who drop below standards will be terminated from their VA benefits.

Grounds for Termination
A student’s enrollment can be terminated for insufficient academic progress, non-payment of tuition & material fees, or failure to comply with rules and policies established by the institution as outlined in the catalog.

An active student officially withdraws when they notify the school of their intention to withdraw from school. An active student is considered unofficially withdrawn when they have been absent for 3 consecutive school days from their last date of physical attendance without notifying the school. Any balance due to the school as a result of withdrawal will be due within 30 days of a student's last day of attendance.

Appeal Process
Students may appeal a termination. The student must submit a written appeal to the school administration within 3 days of the determination, with supporting documentation enumerating the reasons why the decision should be reversed and a request for re-evaluation. These reasons, may include but not be limited to: illness, injury, financial hardship, or death of a relative. An appeal hearing will take place within five (5) business days of receipt of the written appeal. It will be determined if the student can achieve SAP by the next evaluation period or be issued a leave of absence and allowed to re-enter. This hearing may be attended by the student, parent/guardian, if applicable, and appropriate school staff. A decision on the appeal will be made within three (3) business days of the hearing, and will be communicated in writing. This decision will be final.

Auditing Classes
Any student who has completed a course, and feels a need to review part or all of the class, may audit the class at no additional tuition expense. Though they will not pay tuition, they may have to purchase additional materials. Students still complete the same assignments and even take the same tests, but the final grade does not count. Attendance in courses as an auditor is based on the consent of the instructor and space availability.