Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Plan

Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Policy

Drug use and alcohol consumption can significantly impair judgment, coordination, and abstract mental functioning. Continued abuse may lead to dependency, which often causes permanent damage to vital organs and deterioration of a healthy lifestyle.

This school is committed to maintaining a drug-free environment. The distribution or possession or use of drugs, alcohol or other controlled substances at the school is strictly prohibited. As a condition of enrollment and/or employment, students and employees are required to abide by this policy. Those in violation of this policy will face termination, referral for prosecution and/or required completion of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation or similar program.

An employee must provide written notice to the school director of a conviction for a criminal drug offense occurring at the workplace within five calendar days after the drug offense. In addition to institutional sanctions, students and employees convicted of the unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs or alcohol could face local, state and federal legal penalties which include fines, imprisonment and the seizure of drug related assets. Students and employees are encouraged to seek substance abuse treatment. Those students and employees seeking treatment will be referred to a local treatment center.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Ft. Lauderdale Broward County Intergroup One River Plaza Building (Travel Guard Building) 305 South Andrews Avenue - Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 954-462-0265
  • Narcotics Anonymous South Florida Regional Narcotics Anonymous Helpline # (866) 288-6262 P.O. Box 5842 Lighthouse Point, FL 33074-5842
Drug Violation Penalty Notice - At the discretion of the administration, a student’s enrollment may be terminated, for violating the school’s published Rules of Conduct. Violations include, but are not limited to: being under the influence, consuming, selling, or possession of drugs or alcohol on school premises; exhibiting disobedient or disrespectful behavior to another student, administrator or faculty member; violating local, state or federal law; or failure to meet financial obligations. If the student is terminated, Cosmix will calculate a refund.